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Wyndham Council 
Public Questions and
submissions petition

Wyndham City Council currently does not allow proper questions and submissions from the Community.

The process is designed to exert maximum control and avoid answering genuine community concerns and issues. Residents struggle to be heard and cannot make live submissions on important matters in council meetings. We want Council to follow the lead of other councils who have successfully implemented better public engagement.

We need your help - please sign our petition.

​Other Councils have recently implemented this policy with success.

It has enabled residents to really engage more productively with councillors and staff.

It has ensured that locals are given the ability to be heard 

Why shouldn't Wyndham residents have the same opportunity?

Sign the petition below

To the Mayor and Councillors of Wyndham City Council.

The following petitioners draw the attention of the Council to Councils governance rules and "PUBLIC QUESTIONS" in Council meetings.

The following petitioners hereby request that Wyndham Council implement the following changes to their governance rules and seek public feedback before the Council Election Caretaker period:

  1. Allow Public Questions and Submissions in every council meeting.

  2. 30 mins duration maximum.

  3. Questions and Submissions may be on any item in the agenda, or any other matter related to Council business.

  4. Allow a maximum of 2 questions per person/submitter

  5. Public submissions are limited to a maximum of 3 minutes.

  6. The chair can extend question time with a resolution of Council.

  7. Councillors are permitted to ask clarifying questions on any submission item.

  8. Questions can be answered by officers or Councillors.

  9. All other rules in the current governance rules around public questions would apply.

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