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Why Are my Rates so High?

It's not as simple as a small increase each year.
There are many ways councils can increase your rates by large amounts.

Despite rate capping, your rates can increase or decrease based on the change in your annual property valuation amount

If your annual valuation has fluctuated extremely and you think the amount is wrong - you CAN dispute the valuation. 

YOU ONLY HAVE 60 DAYS FROM THE ISSUE OF YOUR RATES NOTICE TO DO SO - SO ACT FAST (your rates notice will explain how you can dispute the valuation)

If you are struggling to pay your rates, you are not alone.
More than 60% of ratepayers have indicated that they are finding it harder this year to pay their rates bills.
Councils CAN charge penalty interest for late payments, but generally will not, if you enter into a payment plan.
If you are suffering real hardship - you have lost your job, you have a serious medical condition and cannot work or something like this, please call your Council and ask them to apply for hardship immediately.


If you require more help in objecting to your rates or you are struggling to pay your rates there are options available. 
If you are struggling with your rates and cannot object then speak to your council about a payment plan and ask them not to charge you any penalty interest whilst you make installments.
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