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What have we achieved?

For over 20 years we have lobbied and dedicated our personal time to ensure local Government is held to account. We are regularly involved in all industry consultation and submissions to the sector.

  • We were instrumental in delivering Rate Capping in 2015

  • We caused around $20 Million in illegal parking infringements to be refunded by supporting staff whistleblowers and working with the Ombudsman

  • We have caused several key investigations into specific councils and specific council issues.

  • We are in the media almost daily exposing council conduct and poor decision-making.

Current Committee

Dean Hurlston - President/Media 

Jasper Cai - Secretary

Jamie Stretton - Treasurer

Arthur Bregiannis - Committee Member

Dr Chan Cheah - Committee Member

Claudio Bevilacqua - Committee Member

Eric Platt - Committee Member

Wendy Wright - Committee Member

Geoff Leigh - Committee Member

Marion Attwater - Consulting

"Council bureaucracy is strangling the goodwill in our communities, rates are ever increasing and service standards are lower than ever, there are far more of us than them.
Sadly, we are in an ideological war - are they meant to serve us or are we their puppets for radical social policy? Local Democracy and the right to be heard is not negotiable, CEOs and executives are drunk on  power despite being unelected - this must all radically change"

Dean Hurlston

Skills and Experience

Council Watch is represented by a group of specialist Local Government enthusiasts, who have diverse backgrounds comprising of:

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • Administration

  • Audit, Risk & Compliance

  • Future Strategy

  • Governance

  • Marketing & Communications

What we do

We are a team of volunteers with a keen interest and history in Local Government.

We seek to advocate on behalf of all residents and ratepayers in Victoria. Local Government has very little oversight and makes its own rules. This leads to consumers rights being removed or restricted. We seek to help people know their rights and to challenge council where they have acted inappropriately. We seek to educate Victorians about local government and create a fairer system for all.

Special Tribute - Vale Jack Davis
Jack Davis.jpg

Council Watch pays special tribute to our founder, Jack Davis, who passed away in October 2021. Jack was a dedicated and determined advocate for simpler, honest and effective Councils and devoted thousands of hours during his lifetime to supporting individual ratepayers and community groups across Victoria.

We miss him.

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