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Victorian Council CEO Salaries

Below is a compiled list of Victorian Council CEO salaries.

Currently most CEO salaries are not linked to public performance standards.

No matter how bad the service, CEO's still get paid.

Council CEO Salaries - highest to lowest

Salaries 1.png

*Campaspe Shire Council confirmed CEO remuneration package was $315,000 in Shepparton News of 28/9/21        
Note 7.1(c) of the Financial Statement shows a ‘termination benefits’ $323k. A News release by Campaspe Shire Council on 5/5/22 agreed to early separation for CEO who not be seeking to renew their contract                     **Yarriambiack Shire Council – the CEO remuneration in 2021 was $210-220k  and Buloke Shire Council was $220-230k in 2021

***Glenelg Shire Council – Financial Statement in the Council Agenda of 27 September 2022

Sources of information:

Remuneration of the CEO is taken from Note 7 of the Financial Statement in the Annual Report 2021-2022 of each local council – 7.1(c) Remuneration of Key Management Personnel (in bands). Assumption that the CEO is the highest band shown

Population data:  Estimated resident population at 30 June, from Australian Bureau of Statistics, Regional Population Growth, Australia (3218.0) Population estimates by Local Government Areas 2022 (accessed May 2023)                                                     (unit of measure: persons!)

Council Categories – this information is from the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal website, see Tab for ‘Council Allowance Categories’

Council Cohorts – VAGO Results of 2021-2022 Audits: Local Government, Appendix B Sector Context 

                               and Victoria in Future 2019 (population projections), Table 3

Councillor and Mayoral allowances – this information is from the 18 December 2022 Determination of the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal:

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council news

9 December 2021 Following this considered approach, Councillors determined that the CEO's total remuneration package be $425,000, including superannuation.

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