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Disputing your Rates Notice - based on valuation.

It's that time of year again when we all receive our rates notices and open them to find (more than likely) that your rates have gone up substantially. Whilst the Government caps the amount of overall income a council can increase (this year at 3.5%) the rate cap does not apply to our individual homes. Valuations that fluctuate each year are what drives how much you will pay. This sees some people get unfair increases of 20-40% in a single year. Whilst you can't refuse to pay rates, you can get help with a payment plan if struggling. That aside if your valuation looks too high (Valuations are completed on 1st Jan every year) then you can object. We know that many properties across Victoria have seen a reasonable or significant decline in value since January 1st. So what can you do?

  1. You can use our form as a guide on how to object to your valuation Download Guide 

  2. You can register with us for assistance (we have a qualified valuer who assists us) 

  3. Head to the Vic government objection portal to lodge your valuation objection


The good news is, it's FREE!

Whilst we don't charge or accept money for assistance, we are always appreciative of people becoming PAYING members or donating to us, after all, we are volunteers who do this for free to serve our community.


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