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Meeting with Melissa Horne MP (Local Govt Minister)

Hot on the heels of our State Conference it was our pleasure to meet with the new local Government Minister - Melissa Horne MP.

We were keen to share with her our issues across the sector, they included:

  • The current inequity in the rating system

  • Hardship provisions

  • Poor governance practices in Councils

  • Conflicts of Interests

  • Councillors weaponising and politicising code of conducts and arbitration complaints

  • The effectiveness of monitors in some councils like Yarra

  • Poor Budget and community consultation processes

  • Planning overlays that destroy owner value

  • 79 Councils all wasting time on their own versions of policies that could be standardised (e.g. governance)

  • Councillor expenses not being in annual reports (transparency issues)

  • Quality of Services delivered to the community

  • Council staff, CEO's and their lack of Community engagement

We look forward to working with Melissa on a regular basis.

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