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Selfish Councillors' Super Rate Rort

When your rate notice arrives this year, remember it’s being unfairly boosted with superannuation for Councillors - even though they’re not entitled to it under the Local Government Act.

Under the Local Government Act, (which was only updated in 2020) Councillors are volunteers, paid an ‘allowance’ for attending the compulsory monthly general Council meeting.

Because they’re not employees they are not entitled to superannuation.

And yet ratepayers shell out extra on rate bills every year, so Councillors can be paid superannuation.

How is this possible?

Council staff found ways to legally pay superannuation.

Some Councils register under the Taxation Act, as Eligible Local Government bodies, and pay super that way.

Others have registered via the Superannuation Act and pay superannuation to Councillors that way.

The point is, because it was important to them, they’ve found a way around the Local Government Act, to provide a service to Councillors.

When it suits them, they blatantly ignore the Local Government Act so they can pay themselves more for a 'volunteer' job.

However, Councillors are free to reject the allowance and the super. I'll vote for Councillors who reject rate rorts.

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